Welcome to our school from the Parkside Parliament.


Jon Langley - Y11 Head Boy

I put myself forward for this role to make a difference in the school and to student’s lives by making it better. I am able to work with staff as I have a good working relationship with them and a good role model for other students. I’m happy to speak in front of students and have the confidence to share ideas and information. As a keen sportsman, I will be pushing for more sports clubs after school by bringing in external sports coaches, where possible. I would also like to ensure that a range of opportunities are made available to all students.


Alice Grindey - Y11 Head Girl

Hello everybody, I’m the Head Girl at Parkside. We have some of the most intelligent and creative students at this school and I feel that we should embrace our uniqueness and individuality. The area we come from does not define us, or make us comparable to any other students from other schools. As your Head Girl I would like to assure you that with self-belief, hard work and commitment anything is possible. I am honoured to represent our school, to express my ideas and put forward the thoughts of students. If students need advice or someone to talk to I’m here to help. I promise to accept each individual for who they are and not discriminate them or their ideas. I also promise to work with staff by putting forward your views and opinions across. My aspiration would be to make students and staff members happy and make our years at Parkside the most memorable and best years of our life.


Connor Parry - Y10 Deputy Head Boy

My name is Connor and I am currently a Year 10 student here at Parkside. When I had to look around secondary schools I found it quite daunting:  massive buildings with lots of people I didn’t know. But then I came to Parkside!

Being a small school, we soon got used to the layout and were met in each of the subject rooms with staff and students who made us feel welcome and were happy to answer any questions we had.

I liked the warm and friendly atmosphere here so I was actually looking forward to coming.

Despite some of my best friends going to other schools, I have been able to keep in touch with them and have also made loads of new friends here.

The teachers are great and if I have any concerns, I don’t hesitate to go to them for help, knowing that things will be dealt with fairly.

I have recently been voted Deputy Head Boy by the students and am a member of the Parliament where we get a say in future decisions of the school.


Izzy Brown - Y10 Deputy Head Girl

Hello, I am Izzy, I’m in year 10 and I’m Deputy Head Girl in the new Parkside Parliament. When I came to Parkside I was excited to leave primary school and make a fresh start. I wasn’t very confident and I most definitely wouldn’t have thought that I would be standing here in front of you all today!

Over the years, with the help and support from my teachers, Parkside has really brought me out of my shell. The fact that we are a small school means that everybody knows each other and small classes mean that I quickly made friends that, I know it sounds cheesy, but I feel will be my friends for life.

At first I hadn’t actually applied for Parkside and was denied a place at my number 1 school. I could have appealed but I’m really glad I didn’t because I really don’t think that I would be where I am now. I really hope you choose Parkside because of what a difference it will make to your son or daughter, because for me it’s been life changing.